Our enterprise “SANTIMAS” Lithuania was founded in 1993. We sell jewelry materials and working tools for jewelers, watchmakers and dentists. Trade of such tools takes quite a big part of our trade size. In this area we collaborate with such well known firms as:

KARL FISCHER GmbH – Germany, J.SCHMALZ GmbH – Germany, EVE – Germany, NIQUA – Germany, PICARD – Germany, BELLOTTI – Germany, BUSCH – Germany, GRIFIN- Malta,  P.A.T – Poland, SLIMEX – Poland, LEG OR – Italy, SRS – England,  DURSTON -England, VALLORBE – Swiss, FOREDOM – USA, PRESIDIUM – Singapore .

Since 2000 we are the official distributors in the Baltic States of  “SRS”, which produces investment powder and injection wax for jewelry.Vallorbe producing files, saw blades, EVE producing polishing wheels.

We have their catalogs and price lists and can efficiently serve customers. Along with synthetic jewels, we are able to serve jewelers with necessary tools and materials. We are the biggest dealers of such a profile, not only in Lithuania, but in Latvia and Estonia.