How long does it take to deliver merchandise?

The system for ordering is as follows:
First you send an order for our basket through our website cart (, write, or request an account, and we will let you know the sum. Then you make the money transfer, notify us of the sending address and we will send the order.  The items will be sent only on weekdays. If it is sent on a Friday, it will be received on the following Monday. Orders are sent through Post courier.

Is the cost of transfer included?

Not included.
The cost of transfer will be indicated in a reply by us with the final payment sum.

About Indian tools – A REPORT TO OUR CUSTOMERS.

Dear customer, we want to alert you that the Indian manufacturing tools are not of good quality, nor are of as good quality as the Swiss, Italian, German or Polish merchandise. They require to be additionally tuned, regulated or polished. However, how the price is listed, such is the quality. Should it be allowed by your opportunities, we recommend that you choose non-Indian manufacturing tools as Indian goods we keep in sale only as per our client’s wishes. Most people say that the price matches the quality and the price of Indian merchandise matches its quality. We will leave it to you to decide, but just do not want the client to feel cheated, so inform you in advance.